Customized Driving Aids in East Longmeadow, MA

If you or a loved one is in need of handicapped driving aids, at Custom Auto Body we can assist you to help make your drive easier. Handicap driving aids can restore quality of life and independence while keeping you safe.

Handicap Driving Aids

Handicap driving products include hand controls, left foot accelerators, adaptive driving equipment, and more. We can also revamp or convert your vehicle to ensure that it is fit for a ramp, scooter lift, specialized seating, and more. As a preferred supplier of MPS Driving Devices for the Physically Challenged, we offer a complete line of handicap adaptive products from MPS Corporation, and you can click here to view one of our manufacturer's websites, Creative Controls Inc.

Driving Aids

  • Hand Controls for Accelerating & Braking
  • Hand Controls for Steering
  • Parking Brake Extensions
  • Left Hand Gear Levers
  • Right Hand Turn Signals
  • Left Foot Gas Pedals
  • Accelerator Guards

Steering Hand Controls

  • Amputee Spinner
  • Spinner Knob
  • Palm Spinner
  • Tri Pin
  • Quad Fork